Central Park is an 11-acre community park located in downtown Manhattan. Central Park was the Park District’s first developed park, purchased in 1960 for $4,000 with funds generated by community fundraising efforts. Central Park features both passive and active recreation opportunities and is home to the new Splash Pad and community-wide events, including our Sip of Summer concerts. The park features a pond with a recently restored shoreline and planted with native vegetation, pavilions, newly renovated restrooms, athletic courts and fields, a playground, and a walking path connected to the Wauponsee Trail.
  • Splash Pad

    Visit the Central Park Splash Pad to cool off during those hot summer days! The Splash Pad is typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day or as weather allows. Open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12 - 8 pm. Open 10 am - 8 pm all other days.  

  • Fishing Pond

     Central Park Pond is open for fishing from our new fishing pier, and is home to our annual Back Lash & Big Splash Fishing Derby in August.

  • Pavilions


  • NEOS

    Get your senses moving on the NEOS 360! It's 360 degrees of head-spinning, body-twisting, heart-pounding, competitive fun. Its' circular design builds peripheral vision, and auditory and spatial awareness skills. NEOS 360 features eight games, one and two player options as well as team play.

  • Skating Rink

    Bring your skates year-round to the Central Park Skating Rink for in-line skating during the spring, summer, and fall, and ice skating during the winter.